Helping Women
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    Changing lives

    When you shop Avon, you do more than benefit from great products; you help make a difference in the lives of women across the globe.

    From crusading against breast cancer to speaking out against domestic violence, The Avon Foundation for Women has been standing strong for women since 1955. Together, with your support, we can improve lives and empower women everywhere.

    The Avon Foundation for Women was created for women just like you.
    Thank you for making a difference.

    Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Logo

    Together we can celebrate life

    In 1992, Avon launched its Breast Cancer Crusade, pioneering the sale of pink ribbon products and unleashing the unique power of its vast global network of Independent Sales Representatives to raise funds and awareness. With more than $780 million raised and donated to breast cancer programs around the world, Avon is the leading corporate supporter of the cause globally. The Crusade's life-saving work supports awareness and education, screening and diagnosis, access to care, support services, and scientific research.

    Beneficiaries range from leading cancer research centers to local, nonprofit breast health programs, creating a powerful international network of research, medical, social service, and community-based breast cancer organizations.

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    Avon Empowerment

    Speak Out Logo

    You have the power
    to change lives.

    Avon’s Empowerment collection and mark m.powerment products were created to raise awareness and empower women and girls to speak out against bullying and domestic violence, foster healthy relationships and support one another through mentorship.

    Beautifully designed, this unique collection of products supports Avon’s global mission to end violence against women. All net proceeds from the sale of these items goes to benefit the Avon Foundation for Women.


    How the Funds are Making a Difference

    In collaboration with the Canadian Women’s Foundation, the Avon Safe & Sound Program for Women & Girls provides safety and hope for victims of domestic violence while helping to raise awareness and teach prevention.

    Over the next three years, the Avon Safe & Sound Program for Women and Girls will help:

    • 30,000 abused women rebuild their lives after abuse
    • 30,000 teens learn about healthy relationships
    • Teach girls how to stay safe online and off

    To find out more or to download tip sheets on how to help someone living with violence, visit

    On behalf of women everywhere, thank you.

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