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The ABCs of ACV


Jun 21, 2024
What’s used as a deodorizer and foot soak, a tub and shower cleaner, a mouth-watering salad-dressing ingredient and a mean meat marinade, a remedy against colds and an overall wellness drink that might lower blood-sugar levels* and now is said to even help restore the shine to your lackluster locks?

Did the title give it away? Sounds pretty far out, right? You might say almost miraculous. But that’s exactly what apple cider vinegar seems to be, or ACV as it’s casually called on social media.

The miracles of apple cider vinegar are forever being discovered. Vinegars, such as apple cider, grape and date palm, have been used as pickling agents for the last 7,000 years, and ever since Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician, mixed ACV with honey to use as medicine for coughs and colds, it’s been a stalwart staple of home remedy cabinets everywhere. ACV’s versatility goes beyond the realm of old wives’ tales; it even has scientific backing. One of its more recent applications is to help restore a healthy, brilliant look to hair.

The magic of apple cider vinegar comes from the fermentation process. The juice of ripe apples is fermented into cider with the help of yeast, then good bacteria in the air converts the cider into acetic acid, or what we’d call vinegar. Pungent and sour, acetic acid has a low pH (between 2 and 3) and can help balance out-of-whack pH levels of scalps that experience dandruff, dullness and hair breakage.

The acidity of apple cider vinegar helps to flatten the hair cuticle, making tangles easier to comb through without damaging your strands. Elle magazine’s website even reports that a smooth cuticle not only means shinier-looking hair but can also help preserve hair colour. Some of the other hair benefits ACV fans claim are that it cleanses and helps clarify hair, and helps nourish scalps that experience itchiness and dandruff. 

But don’t get burned. Using straight supermarket ACV from the bottle, as many users swear by, doesn’t come without its risks. Applying straight apple cider vinegar to the skin and scalp can cause chemical burns in some people,* especially those with sensitive skin and prolonged contact. ACV needs to be properly diluted. This is why using a brand like Organist Apple Cider Vinegar is your safest and best option. Not only has the vinegary smell of bottled ACV been neutralized, but only safely diluted amounts of apple cider vinegar are used in its collection, assuring gentle yet effective results that can restore life to your locks.

The Organist Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Collection—shampoo, conditioner, treatment and tonic—is formulated to cleanse, clarify and hydrate your hair with exfoliating apple cider vinegar extract, detoxifying ginger, soothing lemon balm, cooling menthol and enriching biotin.

An ACV regimen with Organist Apple Cider Vinegar is an easy way to upgrade your daily hair routine.

The Clarifying Shampoo helps to nourish your scalp and hair for a thorough cleanse and healthy-looking shine. The Clarifying Conditioner is perfect for oily dull hair and can help restore a radiant look to locks. The rinse-out Clarifying Water Treatment is infused with collagen and hyaluronic acid, and helps hair look instantly soft and flowing. Depending on your natural hair type and what styling products and tools you use, scalp-buildup debris can lead to hair becoming too oily, dry or damaged. Organist’s leave-on Scalp Tonic is made with a blend of 10 natural herbs and invigorates and cools the scalp as it dissolves oily buildup to help your hair look healthier and revitalized. Remember, great-looking hair starts at the scalp!

The wonders of apple cider vinegar don’t stop with your hair. What Organist Apple Cider Vinegar can do for your ’do can also be done for your body. Tone, purify and clarify the look of dull skin with the Apple Cider Vinegar Body Purifying Collection crafted from a curated selection of natural ingredients. Formulated with exfoliating apple cider vinegar extract, detoxifying ginger, cooling menthol and enriching biotin, Organist Apple Cider Vinegar Body Wash and Exfoliating Body Scrub are the perfect complements to your ACV body-cleansing regimen.

Great for normal to oily skin, the Body Wash blends apple cider vinegar extract with panthenol so your skin feels refreshed and nourished. To help dull skin appear brighter, the Exfoliating Body Scrub with panthenol and AHA/BHA/PHA helps your skin look and feel purified and refreshed all over.

By now, you’ll agree that apple cider vinegar is a true multitasking marvel. Why not elevate your hair and body care routine with a clarifying dose of ACV? The Organist Apple Cider Vinegar Collection is designed to help nourish your skin and hair, clarify your scalp, invigorate your body and ensure you look and feel naturally beautiful all over. Your locks and skin will thank you for it.