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Nurture your scalp with Rosemary Mint Oil: A refreshing journey to healthy-looking hair


Jul 16, 2024
Rosemary and mint have been used for centuries to add flavour to food. And you’re probably familiar with their role in aromatherapy, as the aromatic, herbaceous scent of rosemary and the cooling sensation of mint can be used to invigorate your senses or energize your spirit. But did you know that together these botanical powerhouses can create a potent elixir to help promote the health of your scalp and hair?

Healthy-looking, luscious locks begin at the roots.

This plant-derived superfood combo of rosemary and mint helps:

1. Revitalize the Scalp to Support Thicker-, Fuller-Looking Hair.
Rosemary oil helps to support your scalp, which means receivinge more oxygen and nutrients to create a healthier environment.

2. Make Hair Feel Smoother, Softer and More Manageable.
Rosemary oil has essential nutrients that can help prevent, and reduce, dryness and frizz to make every strand look shiny and lustrous.

3. Reduce Breakage.
Rosemary oil is known as a potent antioxidant that can support hair.

4. Nourish a Dry, Itchy Scalp.
In addition to cleansing and clarifying, this dynamic duo helps hydrate your scalp. Mint adds a refreshing tingle and cooling sensation, and the rosemary plant, a natural anti-irritant, helps add nourishing hydration to distressed scalps.

So harness the power of this dynamic duo, natural botanicals that help refresh and revitalize your senses and rejuvenate your scalp to set the stage for healthy-looking, beautiful hair!

Avon’s game-changing Rosemary & Mint collection
also has biotin and even more nutrients.

Derived from nature, Avon’s Organist collection infused with rosemary and mint breathes new life into limp hair. Plus, it has added biotin, aka vitamin B7, one of the B complex vitamins, known to help support collagen to maintain healthy-looking hair with stronger-looking strands.

The Organist Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner, formulated without sulfates and silicones, have lemon balm, known to help target dryness and itchiness, so you won’t be left scratching your head about how to help your hair look and feel revitalized.

Massage in the Organist Rosemary Mint Scalp Strengthening Tonic twice a day, or as needed, to make your hair look fuller and stronger. It’s infused with caffeine, known to help wake up limp locks, fight frizz and shore up the shine.

Is your hair feeling dry? Use the Organist Rosemary Mint Hair Strengthening Oil, 99% derived from plants (plus biotin), as a pre-wash treatment before shampooing to provide nourishing hydration, and condition your scalp and hair. You can also use it as a leave-in conditioner, giving extra TLC to the ends to add shine and help fend off the frizzies. You can even apply it directly to the scalp without rinsing it out. This oil blows others out of the water because it’s formulated with an optimal blending ratio to pack in the nourishment of natural oils without clumping so your hair looks and feels smooth as silk.

And as if all those wonder workers weren’t enough, the collection includes the 100%-wood Gua Sha Scalp Massager to help promote circulation, which helps hair appear stronger and healthier.

In just weeks, this collection will transform your locks from lacklustre to the luxurious mane attraction it was meant to be. Naturally.

And oh, by the way, there’s also an Organist Rosemary Mint Body Wash that helps support your skin’s moisture barrier, and you can use the Scalp Massager on your neck and body, too, to help promote circulation and invigorate your senses. After all, why should only your scalp and hair get all the love?