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The Beauty of Snail Mucin


May 12, 2024
Unless you’ve been hiding in your shell for the past year or more, you’ve probably heard about the latest trendy skin care ingredient—snail mucin. That’s the slimy, gooey substance that oozes out of snails to help them lubricate their path and keep them protected as they slowly slither over their terrain.

It’s natural that one might be reluctant to smear snail slime over their face if invited to. It almost sounds like a prank or dare. However, snail mucin, or snail secretion filtrate as it’s also known, is rich in nutrients like hyaluronic acid, glycoproteins and antioxidants, and is believed to have a range of benefits for the skin. Composed of proteins, enzymes, peptides and trace minerals, snail mucin helps to keep snails hydrated and helps protect the surface of the snail’s skin. And it turns out what’s good for the snail’s skin, is good for our skin as well.

This unexpected skin care ingredient isn’t a new idea. Traditional Chinese medicine has used this viscous fluid to treat a host of conditions and the ancient Greeks employed it as an anti-inflammatory. More recently, snail mucin has made its way into the K-beauty scene as the latest superstar skin care ingredient and from there onto the world beauty stage. It’s now readily available in all types of skin care products from masks and essences to creams and serums. If sales are any indication, no one seems the least bit shy about slathering themselves with snail goo, especially when the nourishing and hydrating factors are considered.

In addition to its moisturizing properties, snail mucin is loaded with antioxidants, and according to the Mayo Clinic website, may help reduce the appearance of signs of aging like wrinkles, uneven skin tone and sagging. And if that wasn’t enough, studies indicate that snail mucin helps rejuvenate the skin’s look while helping to support skin against environmental stressors. The results? A more youthful, radiant-looking complexion. Who’s still shy about trying snail mucin now?

Avon has two great new products, Beyond Glow Snail Mucin Complex + Niacinamide Serum and Snail Mucin Complex + Panthenol Cream. Both the cream and serum contain Snail Mucin Complex and have been clinically tested to improve the look of skin tone and brightness for that glass-skin look. In consumer perception tests, women said discolourations looked reduced and skin’s fine lines appeared softer. Who knew that mollusk mucus could do so much?

What started out as just another skin care fad seems here to stay. Take advantage of the “snail effect” and slow down the look of aging with this powerful ingredient with proven benefits for the skin, and dare to glow from within.