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Avon and LG H&H Canada Team Members, also referred to as LG H&H Americas Team Members, are encouraged to exemplify the following behavioural principles in their day to day. The behaviours are reinforced consistently by our leaders and through HR Programs such as recognizing and rewarding Team Members and our Performance Management Process as well.

Behavioural Principles

Big Ownership
Team Members that have big ownership act like the owners of the company. At every turn, they pause to think, “If this were my own business, what would I do?” They are thoughtful about how their decisions will impact the organization and hold themselves accountable.

Think Big, Act Small
Team Members stay connected to the big picture and anticipate what’s next. They think of all the possibilities and seek ways to turn challenges into opportunities for learning and consider how outcomes will propel our organization forward.

Team Members who are resourceful are creative with the tools they are given. Even when challenges arise, Team Members are scrappy and persevere to get things done. They adopt a mindset of experimentation to explore how to accomplish more with current resources.

Take Action and Deliver
Results matter and we strive for them with urgency. Team Members quickly assess what is needed and make prompt decisions, but do not compromise on quality while understanding the risks involved.

Team Members openly give and receive feedback and work together to seek solutions to problems. They ask tough questions and challenge each other in respectful ways.

Drive Clarity
Being efficient requires clear communication and understanding. Team Members ask the whys and hows before they execute. They seek clarity on what is expected and how it aligns to our goals.

Learn, Grow, Change
Team Members do not settle for ‘good enough’ and are continually learning and growing from their experience. They reflect on their work, proactively seek new ways of working, and are bold to drive change that can positively influence future work outcomes.