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    Spirit of Albee

    The Spirit of Albee Award 2021

    The Spirit of Albee Award honours an Avon Canada Representative who is a role model in their community, has an attitude of giving, sharing and selflessness, and who demonstrates a high degree of professionalism, entrepreneurship and who supports and encourages others to believe in themselves and to reach for their dreams.

    Between July 1 and August 6, all Avon Representatives had the opportunity to nominate a fellow Representative they believed to best personify these values and should be recognized as our annual Sprit of Albee recipient. After reading through hundreds of heart-warming nominations, our committee chose a winner.

    Katelyn Taylor

    We are proud to announce that the winner of the 2021 Spirit of Albee Award goes to:

    Katelyn Taylor
    of New Brunswick!

    Katelyn is an Advanced Unit Leader, and has been with us since 2019.

    She received an overwhelming number of nominations, each speaking to the unique combination of kindness and business savvy that Katelyn brings to her interactions with her Customers and her fellow Representatives. Katelyn is a brand ambassador through and through. She knows her products and pays careful attention to the needs of her customers to make timely recommendations that ensures they get the best price, and always have a positive Avon experience.

    Like Mrs. Albee, community involvement is important to Katelyn. She is an active member of her community and volunteers whenever she can. She is on the “Come Home Week” committee, serves as the Vice-President of the Home & School committee, and volunteers her time to the local rec-center. Katelyn strives to be a good role model for her children, and a positive force for good in the world.

    Please join us as we extend our sincere congratulations to Katelyn on this momentous achievement, and thank her for commitment to her customers.

    The Spirit of Albee Award

    The Spirit of Albee Award – detail

    The annual Spirit of Albee Award was created to recognize one Representative who embodies the same entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to creating lasting customer relationships, and community involvement of our beloved Mrs. Albee. Nominations will open again during the summer of 2022.

    Meet Katelyn.

    Can you tell us a little bit about why you joined?

    I joined in with a complete fluke! I was looking to fill up vendor tables for our annual “Come Home Week” event Summer of 2019 and when I reached out to Karen Edwards to see if she wanted a table she happened to be going on an Avon trip that weekend but said “Why don’t you do it?” After she explained to me that there were no risks and that she would personally mentor me I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be mentored by one of the top leaders in the Nation.

    How would you describe your Avon business?

    I would describe it as an incredible blessing to my family. As a stay-at-home Mom it has given me a great opportunity to contribute to our family income and watch my children grow up. It has given me so much freedom to be creative and give back to my community.

    What do you do to ensure that your Customers are always happy?

    I often check-in to see how they are enjoying their products. I hand out samples and when I know someone enjoys a specific product I keep an eye on special sales and make sure to offer the best price possible. I also do special giveaways in my VIP customer group and try to keep it as fun and interactive as possible!

    What has been the proudest moment of your Avon journey?

    It is going to be hard to top being the 2021 Spirit of Albee achiever - though in my short 2 years I have had incredible achievements such as earning in multiple quarterly incentives with leadership - the $2,500 in Q2 was pretty sweet! I believe also being chosen as an Avon Content Creator was a really nice surprise too!

    How do you keep your Avon business relevant in the rapidly changing digital marketplace?

    I really utilize as many social media platforms as I can. I try to tap into whatever “trends” are popular and really put myself out there to be as authentic as I can to my personality and brand! Facebook stories, Instagram Reels and TikTok are a quick way to catch a large audience’s attention.

    What makes a good leader, in your eyes?

    I think that listening is the first step in being able to lead. If you have genuine conversation and form a connection with someone then you can make the Avon opportunity relatable to their specific needs. I also think that asking questions and showing someone how to find information themselves without telling them everything helps make them more independent and efficient.

    How important is community involvement to you, personally?

    I live in a small town of about 700 people. Our school goes from grades K-8 and everyone knows everyone. It really is all about giving a helping hand and pulling together to make fun events happen as well as coming together in hardships too. It is a true passion for me to be able to be hands-on within my community - I wouldn’t want to raise my kids anywhere else!

    Which cause is nearest and dearest to your heart, and how do you like to give back to the community?

    Personally the IWK Children’s Hospital is one cause that I can never say “No” to when asked for donations. My daughter has been a patient and what they do for families during some of the most difficult times of their lives truly is incredible. In my own community I am on the “Come Home Week” committee, I am the Vice-President of the Home & School committee, I volunteer at our local rec-center to help out with fundraising for community events, benefit breakfasts, etc. I do as much as I can to be involved so that my kids can see what it’s like to be a good neighbour.

    What do you think it means to have the spirit of Mrs. Albee?

    I think that having the Spirit of Albee means that you are an optimist and that you are always striving to better your life and the lives of others around you. I think that Mrs. Albee would have been a great listener and someone that people valued the opinion of as she would always have the best intentions for her friends, family and neighbours. I also believe she was a pioneer and led by example by thinking outside of the box and pushing the envelope as an entrepreneur.

    What does winning this award mean to you? How will it affect your Avon business going forward?

    Winning the Spirit of Albee means to me that others view me in a high regard to nominate me. It makes me walk with my head held high to be viewed in such a flattering way. I will continue to run my business professionally and with passion, I will now be saying “What Would Albee Do?” when trying to come up with new ways to boost my business and when responding to difficult situations. I will wear the title with pride.

    If you could give new Representatives one piece of advice for growing their Avon businesses, what would that be?

    Don’t ever think you CAN’T achieve your highest goals. Don’t ever think that your ideas are “too big” or “too crazy”. Stay consistent and never give up!

    When it comes to Avon products, what’s your personal favourite?

    I have to say that as a Mom who raises her kids in the country that Bug Guard is a life saver! I also can’t go without the Aloe products because it never fails - I always have too much fun in the sun. The products I use daily are the “Love at 1st Lash Waterproof Mascara” and the “Mattitude” lipstick in “Resolute”.

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